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Grant Project Announcement

        Good Neighbors Mongolia was established in 2006 and registered as a legal entity in Mongolia. GNM runs eight Community Development Projects in 6 districts of Ulaanbaatar and 2 provinces which are the Darkhan-Uul and Orkhon provinces. GNM closely collaborates with local communities, NGOs, institutions, volunteers, and other stakeholders active in child protection, education, health, WASH, income generation, advocacy, gender equality, climate change response, and the sustainable development sector. Our CDPs are working to reach more than 11,000 children and their families in the target group in projects and programs to bring change in their life. In line with the UN Sustainable Development Goals and Mongolia's Sustainable Development Vision 2030, Good Neighbors Mongolia pursues a strategy of strengthening international partnerships and mobilizing its resources. Therefore, within the framework of this goal, Good Neighbors Mongolia is pleased to announce small grants among Local NGOs to support local development and increase the participation of local citizens.

1.        Project Goal

To contribute to the creation of a friendly and safe environment for community members and children to support their development by implementing small projects in child rights, protection, education, health, water sanitation, and hygiene sector.

2.    Project Objectives, and sectors 

●        Child Rights and Protection 
●        Education
●        Health
●        WASH / Water sanitation and hygiene/
3. Requirements:

3.1 Requirements for the project:

3.1.1 Within the framework of the above-announced sectors, a project should be written to be implemented for 3 months and the results must be calculated;

3.1.2 The content and methodology of the project initiative should be feasible and tested successfully implemented before;

3.1.3 Project beneficiaries must be target communities of Good Neighbors;

3.1.4 Project should be sustainable, even after the end of the project implementation period;

3.1.5  Project should be flexible enough to be implemented and disseminated nationally;

3.2Requirements for project implementation organizations:

3.2.1 Project implementer must have been working continuously for 5 years in the field of activities announced by the project;

3.2.2 Project implementer must have the necessary resources (human resources and other resources) for the project. It includes 3 or more employees, /CV or resumes of employees must  attach/;
 3.2.3 Proof that it is a specialized organization operating in this field and the official certificate of the organization must mention the direction of the project;

3.2.4 Proof that the organization's operational and financial reports are reported on time and activities are conducted in accordance with the law;

3.2.5 Having an office where the organization conducts official activities;

4. Project Scope

Local NGOs operate in the Chingeltei, Khan-Uul, and Bayanzurkh districts. 4 projects will be selected.

5.    Project Budget:

10,000,000 MNT to 15,000,000 MNT for each project.

● Project budget should be spent only on project-related materials.

● Employee salaries, electricity, heat, rent, and equipment will not be financed.

● Operational expenses will be paid to the project-implementing organization in March 2023 based on the financial plan.

6.   Project implementation period

3 months /from March 1 to May 31, 2023 /

7.   Project selection process

The shortlisted organizations will be notified by February 27th of 2023 and the Good Neighbors Mongolia project team will meet these organizations.

8. Application materials

 Organizations wishing to participate in the selection of the grant project should prepare the following materials and submit them to dme@goodneighbors.org.mn before 17:00 on February 15, 2023 (Wednesday).

List of materials:

1.      Project proposal 
  1. Organization registration
  2. Introduction of the organization
  3. CV or resume of employees

5.      Introduction of similar projects implemented in the past
  1. 2021, and 2022’s Financial and Social insurance tax report.

Note: Please find the project concept note in the attachment.
Late submissions will not be accepted.

9.  Contact: 
 Organizations wishing to implement small grants can contact the following address for clarification and advice from the project team.

Address: Head office: Bayanzurkh district, 1st khoroo, Nisora tower 501, Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia

  | Branches: | Email:  | Contact Number:
 | Yarmag CDP in Khan-Uuldistrict | yarmag@goodneighbors.org.mn | 7507-4122, 9811-6889
| Sharkhad CDP in Bayanzurkh district | sharkhad@goodneighbors.org.mn | 7509-4122, 8800-5539
| Takhilt and Chingeltei CDPs in Chingeltei district | chingeltei@goodneighbors.org.mn takhilt@goodneighbors.org.mn | 8860-4122, 9519-4122 8820-4177, 8802-7978

Please find the concept note: